Top 10 Online Marketing Ideas for Yoga Teachers in 2021

Yoga Marketing Ideas

If you are a yoga teacher, you might want to get more clients or students. Now, there are many marketing ideas for yoga teachers that you can apply. Gone are the days when you could just have a website and you will start getting the students.

This guide is not like a normal guide where we will see the normal things that you can easily find on the internet.

If you search “how to do yoga marketing?”, the first few yoga marketing tips you will see will be such as have social media accounts, get a website, etc. We won’t be seeing such things here. This guide for marketing for yoga teachers is going to be a unique one that you can use for your classes.

Let’s start with yoga marketing tips.

#1 Make a New Approach

The first thing that you need to do as a yoga teacher is to take a new approach. The traditional approach is where you have a website and ask your students to contact you if they want to join a class. Some teachers might also be showing their Youtube channel on their website.

Every single person does the same thing. So, you need to find something new.

Most people just have the traditional way of communication where they will first show the detail about the yoga classes and then the person can contact you if they want.

You will have to break that approach. You will have to find a new approach. There are many yoga marketing ideas that you can do. Marketing yoga classes that are free on Youtube is not the only way.

Here is a small way you can use it.

  • Show them details about Yoga class
  • Allow them to sign up for the free yoga class

When they sign up for the free class, you will have their email address and they will have the free yoga class. The students can attend the yoga class and you will be able to do the marketing.

#2 Social Media Ads

The best way to get leads for your teaching business would be through social media. Yoga is a thing where very few people will be searching on Google and looking for the class. Instead, most people will be sitting on their social media and when they see the ads, they are more likely to buy from them.

So, it’s the best idea to use social media ads. Facebook allows you to have targeting options. You can easily target the options.

Most people will make the mistake here. They will just select the option that will target the people who searched for yoga classes or will choose similar options. Instead, you will have to select the targeting options where your ads are also shown to the people who are just interested in Yoga and are following the Yoga pages.

This is one of the yoga marketing strategies that you should surely perform. You need to focus on targeting. If you try to target people who know a bit about yoga or who have recently bought something related to yoga, it would be great. Luckily. Social media allows you to all kinds of targeting.

#3 Upsell and Downsell

Well, this is not applicable for all the yoga classes but if you are having more than one product or classes that people can attend.  For example, if you are selling a book as well as you are selling a course, you can use the upsell and downsell.

Upsell is where you are selling a product with more price. A good example would be where you can offer a course when you are selling the ebook or book. In simpler words, first people will buy a low-cost product, and then you are offering them the product at more cost.

The second place is down-sell, this is the place where you are offering a lower-priced product when they have brought a product with more cost. For example, it could be seeing your book after the person buys the course.

Upsell and downsells are the easiest things you can do to get marketing. This is less of an online marketing technique but we can surely count it as yoga marketing ideas and marketing for yoga classes that you should surely implement for your website.

For a yoga teacher, marketing might not be the topic. So, you can leave this on the people who are in your technical management team and let them handle it. You can focus on your main goal that is providing. As you are looking for how to do yoga marketing, we must tell you the possible ways you can do it.

Not all the people will like this but it’s one-time work and thereafter, it will work without doing anything. You will just have to set it up on the website once and things will be running automatically thereafter. So, you can surely implement this one.

If you don’t want to, we still have 7 yoga marketing ideas for yoga teachers, you can move forward.

#4 Show them the Benefits instead of selling

If you try to sell your yoga curses, you will always fail. Your yoga marketing strategies should include selling the benefits of it. Here is one of the yoga marketing ideas that you can use. You can share the advantages of doing yoga.

Here is a simple hack you can use. Many people are doing yoga to lose weight. In the same way, some people are using yoga to gain weight. So, if you can find the real need of the people, you can easily close people and get them to use your product or enroll in your course.

There are many places where yoga is used and people will use yoga. In the same way, you can find other things where yoga is useful. So, your job is to find all of these things and make a list of them.

Now, you can lure your students to buy your book or enroll in your course if they want that advantage. In this way, you can easily convert people and allow them to enroll in your course.

You can also do one more thing here. If you are offering any freebie to your students, you can make it goal friendly.

So, for example, if you are offering a free book when a student plans to join your class, you can offer them a book that will help them lose weight. In this way, they are more likely to join your class and pay you the money you ask.

Therefore, the main thing to learn is to be goal friendly. You can find the gaol and run different ads for the same thing.

Not all the people you know might be into losing weight. Some of them might simply be doing yoga for inner peace. So, you will have to find it and once you find that thing, you can run the ads for that platform.

#5 Forget website, get a Funnel

If you remember our intro, we told you that the yoga marketing ideas we will be sharing here won’t be the common ones, right? Well, this one will provide that we were right there.

When you start looking for how to do yoga marketing, people will tell you that you should get a website. Here, we are telling you that instead of getting a website, you should build a funnel. Both of them are kind of similar but plays a very different role.

A funnel is a process starting from the customer landing on your website to the final purchase. In simpler words, we will decide all the things you should do in between to make your visitors your client or student.

Let’s begin with the landing page. The first thing you need to do is create a landing page. A landing page is a page different from the homepage.

It’s a page which is specially made to convert people into your customers. Whether it’s for the yoga teacher marketing business or any other. The landing page aims to convert people.

You can create a landing page at first. Thereafter, you will have to lure the customers by offering thembait such as a free book or something. That’s pretty much it. Thereafter, you can easily make the sale.

Now, it’s a long process to learn all these things as creating a landing page is the most important thing and we can’t teach it in a single article.

We highly recommend you to take a course or have an expert who can help you with this.

#6 Have a Blog

The next way is to have a blog on your website. Let’s continue the above example we saw, we just saw that you can easily target the people who are using or doing yoga for a particular goal. Here is one of the most common yoga marketing strategies that people apply and you should too, that is to have a blog.

It’s the best way of marketing for yoga teachers. As a yoga teacher, you might be writing a lot of things. You Can write the same thing in your blog. Let’s say if someone is looking to lose weight by doing yoga, what will they do first? They will look it up on a search engine, right?

What if the first website that pops up is your website? You can easily get the thing doing with the help of it.

The person will visit your blog and read the entire article. The next thing that comes to his/her mind will be to get a yoga teacher.

Boom! You are already providing the service they need. They can easily enroll in your class and you can start teaching them yoga. It’s as simple as that.

All you need is knowledge to write and as a teacher, you will surely be having it. So, we told that it’s the best method of marketing for yoga teachers. Just like you create a yoga marketing plan, you can create your blog plan.

Yoga marketing Fundamentals

#7 Search Engine Optimization

It’s less popular nowadays but we will talk about this first as we have just covered the blog topic. Remember, how we told you that you can create a blog and if people are looking for something, they will visit your blog.

To show up your blog in the search results, you will have to do the SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It’s the process in which you can optimize your articles with keywords and make your website SEO friendly. Once you have relevant keywords in your article, you can rank in the Google search results.

So, you might be thinking about why it’s less popular? Well, it’s not less popular but lesser people are doing it because of the hard-to-reach goals.

SEO takes a lot of time and there is no guarantee for their results. Health and yoga are some of the hardest topics where it might take a lot of time to reach even in the last position of the first page.

That’s the reason why people ignore this and focusing on other things that can give faster results. In our opinion, if you have some time, you can surely do the SEO else you can carry on to the next one and focus on those things that matter.

You can simply check other yoga marketing ideas or yoga marketing tips in our guide. You will surely come to know many of them. In the end, it is surely your choice.

If you are not feeling much comfortable spending so much time in the SEO, you can surely ignore this and focus on other things that can give you success faster.

However, if you want more success and want to create a brand for a yoga class, you can surely do this.

#8 Influencer Marketing

It’s very much similar to social media marketing and many people consider influencer marketing in social media marketing. It is one of the best yoga marketing ideas you can apply for a yoga class, influencer marketing is the best thing you can do here.

Influencer marketing the process where you will first have to find out a list of the people who work in the field like yours.

The next thing you need to do is find the people who are willing to promote your yoga class. There will be many people who are willing to do a brand collaboration and who are willing to work with the teachers.

You can pay them and in return, they will promote your yoga teaching business. It’s one of the best yoga marketing tips that we can give to you.

No doubt, they will charge more depending on the influencer you contact. However, if you see the bigger picture, it’s surely worth it.

People believe in the influencer. In simpler words, they have a different level of respect for them. When they recommend y product, people are more likely to buy from them.

Let’s take a simple example, if a film star promotes a product, will you buy it? The same goes for the YouTubers and social media influencers. They have created a community where you can easily buy the product they promote.

So, you can surely use their powers to promote your teaching business. Even more, the benefit is if you can get them to teach a guest lecture. In this way, even they will promote your class and you will get one more lecture added to your class.

Core Fundamentals of Yoga Marketing

#9 Social Media

The next is social media. Now, it’s a common thing that you can do. Most people will tell you to start your social media account if you will get popularity and market your yoga class. However, there is something unique you can do here.

Most people who are using social media are only using it for advertisement. You can change this and use it for something good. By something good, we mean to say that you should use it to provide value.

For example, marketing for yoga teachers on social media would be a lot more efficient if they share advantages about doing yoga, the benefits of a particular yoga session, or they can even share the mistakes people make. In this way, people will have a reason to follow your page.

As a result, you will get more visitors to your website. When you get more visitors to your website, you can use all the above techniques. 

This will be the easiest way to get more clients. Yoga teacher marketing can also be done by holding live sessions. Live sessions are a great way to get the initial student and increase engagement.

You can use the QnA and polls to increase the engagement. In the end, you should try to use all the possible features of social media to increase engagement and get the most of out it.

If you just use the popular social media marketing for yoga teachers, chances are you will fail. So, our suggestion would be to use all the yoga marketing ideas that you have and use all the social media platforms you have.

#10 Affiliate Marketing

You can easily use yoga affiliate marketing. It’s one of the unique yoga marketing ideas you can implement for your yoga business.

The concept is simple. You will have to create a system where people can share the link with the visitors. Once you create a system, your next job will be to encourage the visitors to share the link and get the referrals.

But the main question is why will they share it? They should have a particular reason to share the website or class, right? No doubt, even if they like it the most, they won’t share it. Let’s say for instance, even if they liked the class and they shared it too.

Even then, there will be a very percentage of people who will encourage users to join the yoga class. Here, your main aim is to get the visitors and get them to apply to your course. Even if they apply in your free course, your job is half done.

To do that, you will have to give them something in return, yoga affiliate marketing works when the user will share your class with their friend. If their friends join the class, they will get X percentage of money as a referral reward.

You can also fix a specific amount and offer it to the people who will successfully refer a friend. In the same way, marketing for yoga teachers also works if you can offer a free class to the students to bring another student.

You can put it in this way, “Refer this class to your friends and both of you will get a free class”. In this way, both the user as well as their friend is encouraged to sign up for the class.

The process is called yoga affiliate marketing. It’s one of the unique yoga marketing tips we have for you.

Final Words

To summarize, this was the complete yoga marketing plan and one of the best yoga marketing ideas that you can implement.

Now, you no longer need to search for a marketing yoga class. When you apply all of these, you will surely come to know new ways. Further, if you implement all of them in the best possible way, you will get many more clients.

So, make sure you share it with your friends and implement all of these yoga marketing tips. If you are in marketing, we highly recommend you to take a course instead of exploring things by yourself.

This will help you a lot in marketing and will save you a lot of time as well as money in the process.

If you ever stuck in your business and need any kind of help or FREE yoga business resources,
Please feel free to contact us.

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